Copywriting for print materials

We may be firmly in the digital age, where even toddlers can operate a smartphone, but for some industries printed marketing materials can still have a big impact.

Whether you’re distributing by mail or at an event, you need copy that is eye-catching, while educating and engaging your reader.

A professional copywriter can help you produce marketing materials that deliver results.

Copywriting Services for Print Materials

I can help you with the following:


The design of your poster will go along way in catching your reader’s eye, but the copy will encourage action. I will work with you and your design team to create copy that will engage and inform within a glance from your reader.


The copy and design of your flyers need to be eye-catching enough that your prospect picks it up. But as a takeaway item the copy also needs to be concisely informative.

I have produced many a flyer over the years so I know exactly how to craft copy that will engage, inform, and convert.

Brochures and leaflets

Longer form printed materials like brochures and leaflets are an opportunity to educate your reader about your product and services.

Copy for these materials needs to be easy to digest, with clear sections. It also needs to engage throughout and drive action from the reader.

I will work with you to understand your product in order to produce copy that will convert.

Direct Mail

Direct mail often suffers the fate of the recycling bin before it’s even read. That’s why you need copy that will sell your offering at a glance, enticing your prospect to read on.

I have produced everything from informative letters to small businesses, to eye-catching flyers to young families. I will work with you to produce direct mail copy that will hold your target customers’ attention.

Print Materials Portfolio

To view samples of the posters, leaflets and brochures I have previously produced, take a look at my print materials portfolio.


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