Email Marketing Services

I have eight years’ hands-on experience in email marketing strategy, content creation, and marketing automation.

Email has one of the highest ROI of any tool in your marketing toolbox – if it’s done right of course! The key to good email marketing is relevance (from content to audience), but also engaging email copy.

With my strategy and copywriting skills I’ve turned many email marketing programs around, increasing both engagement and sales year on year.

Email Marketing Services

When it comes to email marketing I can assist you with the following:

Regular e-Newsletter Content

When you’re a startup or a small business it can be challenging finding the time to produce a regular e-newsletter.

Regular contact (at least once a week) with your customer-base and subscribers can improves sales. One particular B2C client found that 80% of their sales came from regular readers of their twice-weekly e-newsletter. In addition, the introduction of a regular e-newsletter schedule contributed to a 30% increase in sales YoY.

If you need an extra pair of hands to deliver your e-newsletter schedule I can be commissioned to write regular content, whether it’s one story a month, or three stories every week.

Copywriting for one-off email campaigns

When you have a big launch or seasonal email campaign planned it can be beneficial to bring on a professional copywriter to maximize your impact.

I will work with you to understand your campaign needs and produce email copy that converts.

Copywriting for marketing automation

You’ve brought on a fancy new automation tool but you don’t have the resources to produce the content? Or perhaps your programs aren’t converting the way you expected? Enlist the skills of a professional copywriter to ensure your messaging converts.

Email is the primary channel for marketing automation, and I can of course produce email copy for these programs. I can also write copy for SMS, social media and display ad channels.

Email Marketing Portfolio

To view samples of my email marketing work take a look at my portfolio.

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