Proofreading and Editing Services

You could spend hours crafting the most insightful and informative blog post or page on your site, however with just one typo your credibility can be completely destroyed in the eyes of a potential customer.

Proofreading your own work is a challenge. To borrow an overused yet apt phrase, you can be too close to the trees to see the forest.

It is incredibly valuable to use an external resource to proofread and edit your work, which is where I can help you.

Proofreading and Editing Services

I can assist you with the following:


Proofreading short and long-form text

It is incredibly important that a third party proofreads your text, no matter whether it’s 50 characters long or 50 pages. I’m sure you’ve been there; you’ve read over a piece three or four times and not seen a mistake. As soon as you pass it to a colleague they were able to spot dozens of typos.

I can be a second pair of eyes to ensure your writing is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

I can proofread your essay, blog post, short story, report, whatever you need. However I am currently unable to provide a novel proofreading or editing service.

Proofreading and editing as a native English speaker

Your copywriter may be near fluent in English, however there will always be nuances to the language that only a native speaker can provide. If your customers are native English speakers the difference between copy written by a native and a non-native will be clear.

I can provide proofreading and editing services to ensure your English text meets native-level standards.

Editing to improve clarity and concision

One of the keys to effective marketing copy is being clear and concise. As with proofreading, it is challenging to identify which words or sentences in your own work need to be cut or re-worded in order to improve clarity.

I can provide edits and/or advice to ensure your copy is clear and easy to read so that it can have a big impact.

The need for clarity and concision is not limited to marketing of course. I can also provide editing services for essays and reports.

Editing to improve marketing content

Is your marketing content not having the impact you expected? I can provide edits and/or advice to help improve the conversion rate of your marketing content. Be it a blog post, email campaign, or your site’s homepage.

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