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Childcare Vouchers Booklet
Childcare Vouchers Booklet. This short guide was designed for parents whose employers provide access to the Childcare Vouchers scheme. The booklet needed to explain clearly how parents can save money on the scheme whilst stressing the impending cut-off date for joining.
Easygenerator ghost writing. Easygenerator’s CEO, Kasper Spiro, is a thought leader in the e-learning industry. I frequently ghost wrote articles for him, such as this one.
Easygenerator Blog. Many of the topics and subjects written about at Easygenerator were complex, even for those in the industry. This blog post is characteristic of my approachable take on the subjects.
Home grown
Home Grown. A feature taking a closer look at three local producers for Mouth Magazine.
Open for business
Open for business. A (2013) review of Graveney & Meadow in Tooting, London for Mouth Magazine.
Bin there, done that
Bin there, done that. A short feature article exploring “freeganism” or “bin-diving” for Mouth Magazine.
Eyecare Vouchers Wallet
Eyecare Vouchers Wallet. This bright and engaging wallet is designed to accompany employer provided eye test and spectacle vouchers. The key message of the piece was to highlight the importance of eye health, as well as outlining how to use their vouchers.
Zipcar Winback Booklet
Winback Direct Mail. In order to re-engage a segment of Zipcar’s member base who had not used the service in some time we tried an alternative channel of communication – this DM guide, designed to remind members of how the service works and all the additional perks of Zipcar.
Zipcar Development Letter
Acquisition Direct Mail. This Direct Mail was sent to residents of new property developments offering them a year’s free membership. It highlights the convenience and cost saving perks of the service.
Zipcar Damage Waiver DL
Damage Waiver DL. It’s difficult to make insurance sound fun or appealing, but I attempted to make this dry topic a little more accessible with this DL which was included in new members’ welcome packs.
Zipcar Welcome Guide
Welcome Guide. After identifying that new members to the car club Zipcar often had a lot of questions about how it all worked, I developed a pocket-sized guide to be sent to members with their welcome pack. As a young tech brand, Zipcar have a very friendly, fun and approachable brand voice which is reflected here.
Zipcar Re-Targeting Automation
Zipcar Re-targeting. This email campaign was targeted at those who had begun but not completed their membership application.
Edenred Welcome Email
Edenred Welcome Program. This is the first email in a series of four driving the recipient’s first login to the site.
Edenred Black Friday Campaign
Edenred Seasonal Campaigns. For big sales periods, such as Black Friday or Christmas, I developed dedicated campaign identities and a full content calendar of targeted emails in order to maximise sales.
Edenred CineSavings Product Launch
Edenred Product Launches. If an affiliate (a retailer) launched on the platform or wished to offer a promotion to consumers I was able to produce a solus campaign such as this, usually on a weekly basis.
Zipcar UK E-Newsletter
Zipcar UK Consumer Newsletter. A weekly e-newsletter usually containing 3-4 stories regarding updates to the service and/or products or topics the audience would be interested in.
Zipcar Blog
Zipcar Blog. I ghost wrote and contributed many articles for Zipcar’s blog during my time in their marketing team. Topics ranged from travel (where you could go in your Zipcar), to taking a closer look at the sharing economy to which Zipcar belongs. Here are just a few of the posts I contributed.
Edenred Parent Hub
Edenred Parent Hub. As a staff writer I regularly contributed content to Parent Hub, a blog full of parenting news and advice. Here are just a few examples of the articles I contributed.

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